Flower Shaped Italian Leather Broach




I took a leather craft crass of NHK Cultural Center at Mahida. It was one-day class to make a flower shaped leather broach. Instructor was Ms. Mituyo Ichikawa who has leather bag making classes. There were many kind of colorful Italian leather. So, it was too difficult to choose the one! Anyway, I took "Rosso"(Italian Red). Red is my favorite color. Shaped in beautiful flower was quite difficult however making process was easy. I put green paper ribbon on top of the flower. Because bottom was too much volume. It was unbalance. I bought another broach kit (stripes) from Ms. Ichikawa and tried to make my second by myself. Stripes was softer than the red. I like this two type of broach, dressy and casual. I want to put them on my big stole and sweater in this winter. Ms. Ichikawa taught us another arrange of center of flower, too. I want to try to make it next.