Room Shoes Case

 出張の多いわが夫のために、宿泊先で履くスリッパのケースを縫いました。生地は昨年クッションカバー用に本人が選んだものの残りです。薄い生地なので、極薄のキルト芯を入れました。ワンポイントに落書きのようなイニシャルを刺繍。スリッパは本人が100円ショップで買ってきたもの。( 昨年のクッションカバーはこちらです。 )

  I sewed a room shoes case for my husband who has a lot of business trips. This green check cloth was chosen by him. Last year, I sewed a pillow case for him. This time, I quilted the thin cloth and embroidered his initials like hand-writing letters. (Room shoes on the picture was bought by my husband at a 100yen shop.)